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Commercial Property Tax Mediation Company in Georgia

Property Tax Eagle of Georgia, LLC is a commercial property tax mediation company dedicated to helping our clients lower their taxes. We provide mediation and advisory services, and we work with tax assessors and tax attorneys to provide tailored solutions for every client. Let us help you stop paying taxes you don’t owe! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Commercial Property Tax Advisors, Leading by Innovation

  • No business should pay property taxes that aren’t correctly assessed. Property Tax Eagle of Georgia, LLC is an established property tax appeal company serving Georgia clients. Our mission is to make sure you’re not paying taxes that you don’t owe—taxes unfairly levied against your property. In 2008, out-of-control taxation of specialized property types in Georgia was everywhere. Most restaurants and hotels were over-taxed.
  • Our company was founded after our experience in the multi-family business. We knew apartments were being abused. Then, when we bought company cars, we learned car dealers were being overtaxed. When we tried to get a better understanding of the situation, we found few tax consultants who were experts in these unique properties. Filling this void became our mission.
  • Today, we’re the experts many mid-sized companies need to help them navigate unfair and over-assessed taxes. As a highly-specialized commercial property tax mediation company, we’re not average. We focus on the unique situations of many specialty property owners and are hands-on with your team, to lower taxes to keep revenue in your business.

We’re Aggressive, Never Giving Up

Our team of appraisers, attorneys and accountants are veterans of many tax appeals in Georgia. Our staff are highly trained and competent in preparing tax returns, appeals and following up in the hundreds of details of each property. We teach property tax to owners, lenders, legislators and tax assessors. As a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, we attend training and seminars, and sometimes even teach sessions. We also consult with other property tax experts across the country.

We Will Save Your Company Money

Our typical scope of work includes meeting with owners or their management firm, assembling data, often filing returns and appeals, and attending hearing to resolve valuations. We often recover excess taxes. We coordinate with accountants, attorneys and appraisers as well as government regulatory agencies and tax assessors. Most appeals are resolved in meetings and do not require litigation. We know we’re not the cheapest to hire, but we will save your company more money than most other property tax firms in Georgia!

We’ve spent countless hours in thousands of appeals to learn expert skills in multi-family, hospitality and automotive properties.

  • We offer specialized services, to help property owners navigate complex tax situations.
  • Our advisory services cover hospitality, automotive and multi-family properties.
  • Our goal is to advise clients about property tax issues and help them lower property tax.
  • We work with tax attorneys and tax assessors to the benefit of our clients.
  • We strive to be very hands-on, understanding and serving the unique needs of our clients.

Don’t Pay Taxes You Don’t Owe

If you own commercial properties, there’s a significant chance you’re paying taxes you don’t owe. Let us help you pay your fair share and nothing more. Schedule an appointment today. Providing commercial property tax mediation and advice to property owners in the following areas:
Georgia | Tenessee | Alabama | Kentucky | Louisiana | North Carolina | South Carolina | Mississippi | Florida
We do offer services in other areas occasionally, please call to inquire as to availability!