Property Tax Appeal in Georgia

Looking for a property tax protest company who understands your unique position? Property Tax Eagle of Georgia, LLC has years of experience in mediation and advisory roles for hospitality, automotive and multi-family property owners. Our scope of clientele stretches across Georgia, particularly our experience with Lowndes County property tax appeal. We serve clients with multi-family housing, including market rent, LIHTC, USDA and HUD funding; hospitality (hotels, restaurants, and fast food); single-use (auto dealerships, food processing plants, and warehouses); and medical (surgical centers and private care facilities).

Our property tax advisors routinely employ advanced techniques such as financial component segregation, cost segregation, pre-construction assessment, and big data and non-profit qualification. Our mission is simple: to unburden you of undue taxes.


Few hospitality properties are assessed correctly. Worse, even fewer tax consultants know your property well enough to do better than average work. Our team does better, helping tax assessors to bridge their knowledge gap.

We understand hotel and restaurant metrics, brand requirements and segregation of assets. We ask the right questions to teach tax assessors how to accurately value your properties. Our knowledge becomes your savings. The next three years will make or break many hospitality properties in Georgia. It’s your money. Keep it in the property, where it belongs. Our record of success is what your hospitality business needs to succeed and thrive.


Dealerships are complex properties that many tax assessors don’t understand. As a property tax protest company, we know these challenges and tackle each project with innovative solutions. We work with you to obtain the greatest reduction with minimal client effort.

Property tax is one of the largest cost items in any budget yet receives little attention. We understand dealership standards asset segregation. Using these factors allow tax savings exceeding 25% . We even obtain refunds for excess taxes. Profits in the automotive industry are tough to earn. Excess tax shouldn’t steal them. Let us help you keep your money working to sell more inventory, promote parts sales and attract service work.


Our property tax advisors lower taxes on LIHTC, USDA/RD, Sec. 8 and market rent multi-family properties across Georgia. Typical year-one reductions tax exceed 35%! We teach county appraisers how to correctly value apartment properties and obtain refunds for excess taxes paid in error. We work with county and state legislators to accurately value multi-family projects for the future. Our relationships with appraisers, owners and tax assessors provides strength for all clients.

This decade will show major shifts in housing needs. Local governments need more money. This creates both peril and opportunities to raise above the competition. Improving the bottom line by lowering property taxes provides cash needed to meet these challenges. That’s exactly what we do. Our team supports projects with knowledge of local issues, providing management reports and data for funding new projects. We’re all-in as supporting members of your team.

Innovative Property Tax Solutions

Many commercial property owners in Georgia are paying too much in taxes. The only way to remedy this and keep that money in your business where it belongs is to seek the mediation and advisory services of a property tax protest company who understands your needs. Property Tax Eagle of Georgia, LLC is that company. Contact us today at 229-251-7465 for more information about how we can assist you.